Thursday, 5 April 2018

Possible Solution to Cavities

Winters bring with them the cold and flu which comprise to form biggest irritation for many people. And the bad news is that the cold and flu transmit from a person to the other people around that person. It gets worse usually because we all try to share close spaces during winters in order to remain cozy and warm. Hence, virus transmission in such situations becomes pretty easier.

You may be surprised to know that tooth decay is the next big disease which transfers from one person to another. The bigger proof that bacteria, which cause tooth decay, transfer from person to person is that babies are not born with this infection. Still, they get this infection developed when their first tooth erupts. It means that they get this infection is transferred mainly from their mothers. The problem of cavities is pretty common. About 92% of adults report about this problem.

Possibilities in future

There have been researches in order to find viable solution for cavities in terms of prevention and treatment. The studies suggest that the way we get cavities treated may get changed in not-so-distant future.
  • A study by a British team suggests that aspirin may be pretty helpful in fighting off tooth decay. The study found that low doses of aspirin significantly help the genes which can construct dentin, the very structure which is essential for the life of a tooth. This way of reconstruction of dentin may suggest good solution for tooth decay in terms of damage repair.
  • Another study suggested that there may be a way to heal the holes in mice teeth. From this point, they believe that if this experiment turns out to be successful, chances are that it would greatly help in treating tooth decay in humans. It is about a chemical which is found to heal the small holes in teeth. For the sake of experiment, a biodegradable sponge was soaked in the chemical. It was found that chemical had repaired all of the damaged areas of the sponge.
  • This one is interesting. You may hear it for the first time that electric current can actually be used as a carrier of minerals. Small electric current may be used in the future to draw minerals into the teeth. This would help proper mineralization and re-mineralization of the teeth.

It is worth mentioning here that there is a vaccine for preventing cavities that is being explored for the last 40 years. The experimentation on this vaccine started in the 1972 and there are still various challenges in the way.

In the meantime, dentists stick with the restorative dentistry options which mainly involve use of porcelain and resins. In case of tooth loss, tooth implant appears to be the permanent solution which restores not only the aesthetics but also the functionality of dental structure.

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